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liechardti, African, Silver and Blue Arrowana back in stock!!
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You are at : all > Aquatic Live stock > Fresh Water Fish > Cichlids > American Cichlids > Electric Blue Jack Dempsey

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Electric Blue Jack Dempsey 1" (Nandopis Octofasciatus) (FwF Cichlid SA Electric blue 1)

Beautiful, showing amazing colors and patterns.


Our Price: $20.00
Electric Blue Jack Dempsey 1" (Nandopis Octofasciatus)

Electric Blue Jack Dempsey 2" (Nandopis Octofasciatus) (FwF Cichlid SA Electric blue d)

Beautiful, showing amazing colors and patterns.


Our Price: $40.00
Electric Blue Jack Dempsey 2" (Nandopis Octofasciatus)

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