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Johanni Cichlid 2" (Melanochromis johanni)

(fwf cichlid af johanni)

Fish Size:

Johanni Cichlid 2" (Melanochromis johanni)

Species- Melanochromis johanni.

Common Names- Johann’s Mbuna, Blue-grey Mbuna, Blue Striped Mbuna, Cobalt-Orange Cichlid, Electric blue Johanni.

Origin- Johanni Cichlid come from Lake Malawi in Africa.

Maximum size- Johanni Cichlid reach a size of 5"-6", females slightly smaller at 4"-5".

Foods- Johanni Cichlid will eat any food that is offered to them, they will consume vegetable matter so becareful with your plants, they will also eat Black Worms, Flake food, Krill, Brine shrimp, smaller fish.

Water Parameters -Johanni Cichlid are not very picky when it comes to water requirements they can live in a broad range of pH ranging from 7.2 to 8.8; dGH range: 12.0 - 18.0; Temperature 72 to 84 degrees

Sexual dimorphism:Males are black with electric blue stripes and females are orange-yellow in colouration.

Breeding - Johanni Cichlids are very easy to breed and usually do so readily in the aquarium. If planning to breed them you should have a group of them consisting of 3 Females to every Male.  Johanni Cichlids are Mouthbrooders, The female can have up to 60 eggs but usually 25-40 is a normal clutch.  It is not odd for young Johanni Cichlid at 2" already breeding, younger females usually have around 10 to 20 eggs.


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